What To Consider When Choosing Curtains

Curtains and blinds are the two most popular options for covering windows, and both have advantages. While blinds can be less expensive, minimal in style, and easier to clean, curtains offer many more options in color, texture, and style. Adding curtains to a window can really change the feel of a room and bring together the interior decor. Home owners in Singapore who are looking for curtains should consider the following.


Because curtains take up a lot of space, they add a large amount of color to a room. Curtains in dark, warm colors can add a feeling of warmth and coziness to the room, while bold colors really create a sense of style and bring out more subtle touches of color in other interior features. Solid colors can complement patterned decor nicely, while patterned curtains can add vibrancy to a room filled with solid colors. To browse a wide variety of colors and patterns, visit the best curtain shop in Singapore.


Curtain buyers should also consider how much they want to limit the amount of light that enters a room and choose the curtain fabric accordingly. Some fabrics, like velvet and suede, are more dense and do a better job of keeping out light, making them the best choice for privacy. They can also keep out the cold and help cut down on heating costs in the winter. Linens and cottons, on the other hand, are thinner and let more light into a room, giving the room a brighter and cooler appearance.


The size of the window will determine a starting point for choosing the size of curtains; however, curtain buyers have many options in both length and width. Some people place the curtain rod above the window for added height, and let the curtains hang all the way to the floor. Others opt to hang a curtain just above the top of the window and let it hang only to the window sill. Similarly, different widths can create different looks. Wide curtains allow for an elegant drape, while narrower curtains can be hung in slightly gathered panels side by side. In general, the larger the curtain, the greater the impact it has on the interior decor.